arnopearce said: Hey! I'm stalking your blog very often, and finally I found some courage to write to you. I'm huge Steve fan for a long time and I never found someone who is his fan too. Thank you for your blog, seriously. And I just wanted to say "hi":3

omg this is seriously the sweetest message I have ever gotten. you’re awesome, please don’t be scared to write to me! Just a head’s up, my messages are like broken, and so I can’t answer privately because you probably wont get it, so if you want to have a private conversation, please contact me in one of the following ways:

twitter: ihatecrayons

facebook: (let me know who you are when trying to add me as a friend!)

email: (lol I’m a fan of Bill’s, too :P)

any other way you want, as listed on my page

but seriously, there’s tons of Steve fans out there! Trust me! You’re very welcome though, and thank you for following! You’re so sweet oh my god :3 hello!  <33333

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